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Educator Resources

Ag literacy tools you can use!

We provide various resources to help formal and nonformal ag educators share the agricultural story and to assist with ag literacy efforts.

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Educator Blog 

Browse our educator blog page, where you'll find multiple popular articles.

Educator Blog

Ag Teaching Materials

Browse our teaching materials, including articles with infographics, resource links, printables and more! 

Everything But the...animal by-product series

This series contains infographics and student worksheets covering the topics of by-products and products that come from cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and poultry. You will find all Everything But the resources here.

More Than Just the... products made from plants series

Series of resources covering products made from plants.

Add these ag literacy tools to your toolbox! There are infographics, worksheets, and activities covering corn, soybean, wheat and cotton. We also have a section containing an activity covering all plant products combined. 

You can find the complete series here.

From seed to feed corn crop infographic   More than just the kernel products made from corn infographic

Soft Skills Curriculum

soft skills curriculumRequest Access

NEW! Request access to our new soft skills curriculum.  The curriculum, geared toward middle and high school students, contains six units covering the following topics:

  • Character
  • Social Skills
  • Communication
  • Workplace
  • Etiquette and Ethics
  • Putting Skills to the Test

Download the Curriculum Flyer 

Animal Science

Ag Coloring Sheets



Plant Science

Life Cycle

AgBite-A Series of Commodity Insights

AgBud-Series of horticulture insights

Ag in Foods

General Commodity

Natural Resources

Soil Erosion


  • Digging in: Earthworms PDF

Honey Bees

Financial Literacy Curriculum-Planning to Succeed

The Planning to Succeed Curriculum is a financial awareness and preparedness curriculum aimed toward Ag Business classes and Economics and Personal Finance classes. Currently, the curriculum is only available within the states served by Farm Credit of the Virginias (Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland (Allegany and Garrett counties only). 

Learn More and Request Access


Soft Skills

Careers in Agriculture 2020-2025 Outlook

Additional Resources

Youth in Ag

Ag facts and infographics for learning and sharing

The Knowledge Center continually creates infographics that highlight different aspects of agriculture. Feel free to download and use as teaching tools or to share with others! 

General Ag Infographics

10 Reasons Ag is Good for Youth

Ag in Every Bite - Tacos

Ag is More Than a Job

Agriculture & Baseball

Agriculture & Football

Agriculture Works

All About Flour

All About Sourdough Bread

Amazing Almonds

Asparagus Fun Facts

Avocados 101

Bacon Bites

Farmers and Consumers-How to Connect

National Hamburger Day, 2020

National Prime Rib Day, 2020

Oat Fun Facts

Parts of an Earthworm

Pizza Facts

Potato Chip Process

Purebred vs. Commercial Cattle

Share the Road

US Beef Facts

US, VA, & WV Ag Facts

Virginia Wine Facts

General Commodity Fact Sheets

US, VA, & WV Apple Facts

Apple Fun Facts

Beef Cattle Production System

Beef Cattle Lifecycle

Christmas Tree Types

Christmas Tree Fun Facts

Coffee Fun Facts

Corn Planting & Harvesting Stages

Corn Products

Cotton Facts

Corn Fun Facts

Egg Facts  USDA Egg Facts   The Incredible Egg

Grass Finished and Grain Finished Beef - Fact Sheet

Mushroom Fun Facts

Peanut Butter Fun Facts

Peanut Fun Facts

Pumpkin Patch Facts

Pumpkin Fun Facts

Soybean Products

Strawberry Fun Facts

That's Amazing Dairy & Milk Fun Facts

US Poultry Facts

From Birth to Steak

Life of a Dairy Calf

Milk: Nature's Perfect Drink

Where's the Beef: Purchasing Beef in Bulk

Dairy Goat Breeds and Milk Production